If you need help with a course, a purchase, your account, etc., please contact Adam directly at Alternatively, you can ask the community on Discord or DM Adam13531#3531.


  • Can I refund a purchase? How can I feel confident buying a course?
    Refunds are generally for extraordinary cases, e.g. not having a purchase get fulfilled.

    Each course should make it clear what you'll learn by purchasing it, and there's a preview to help facilitate that. In addition, there are real customer reviews available for most courses that can help you decide.

    If you have any questions about whether a course teaches a specific topic, feel free to contact support. For more information, see the terms of service.
  • How often are courses created?
    Everything with The AcAdamy is so new that I can't answer this just yet. My goal is to produce 1-2 new courses per month.
  • What should I expect out of the notes that I get with a course?
    The notes are intended to serve as a reference for the other resources (video and code) and can help fill in the gaps, but they aren't necessarily authoritative. My suggestion is to treat them like any other resource you may find online. I still believe that they're valuable; many have reference links, pictures, and troubleshooting guides. Plenty are available for free that you can look into if you're curious about the quality.
  • Do you update courses?
    Again, everything is so new that it's hard to say for sure that I'll be updating courses, but my plan is to perform minor updates or add errata to existing courses. However, if a new version of some software comes out and I redo an entire course for it, then it would probably be listed separately. In those cases, I would like to provide a discount for people who already own the first course.
  • What if I have a question about the course after purchasing it?
    Feel free to contact support about this, even if it's something technical and course-related like "I didn't understand this part of the videos; could you clarify?"
  • Are courses available in languages other than English?
    No, nor is it planned as of yet. 😟
  • How does the course FAQ work? What kinds of questions are expected?
    When you submit a question, it's sort of like you're emailing me directly; the question will not be posted to the course's FAQ immediately. Instead, I aggregate the questions every once in a while and post answers in batches. I'll try to send you an email when I do this so that you know when a response is posted.

    These questions are not meant for technical support. For example, if you're having trouble with a course, please contact support directly. Instead, questions like "does this course cover X?" or "should I know Y first?" are great for the FAQ.
  • Other frequently asked questions